Bachelor studies (DTC)

Our bachelor’s studies specialising in digital technology and consulting (DTC) integrate digital future technologies with management.

You will study the targeted implementation of digital processes by combining knowledge from the fields of digital technology, management, and IT. The programme provides you with insights into the key areas of digitisation in companies, the working world, and society. We cover the latest digital technologies, such as blockchain, data analytics, enterprise-relevant software packages like SAP, and topics like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and technology consulting.

We provide you with the option to focus either on digital technology or on management. The focus entails about 80% of the coursework in the chosen area and about 20% in other relevant subjects.

If you are interested in a study programme focusing on digitisation and management but do not want to become a hardcore programmer, then this programme is right for you! The use of low-coding/no-coding software simplifies, streamlines, and automates a large part of the development process, allowing both programmers and non-programmers to use it equally. This means that no hard-coding experience is required in our programme offering. Hence, our Bachelor’s studies specialising in digital technology and management are suitable for people interested in management and engineering!

Pure facts

Bachelor’s studies specialising inDigital technology and consulting
Awarded degree(s)
  • BSc from ASU or
  • BA in Leadership from KU or
  • BA in Leadership from KU and a BSc from ASU
Degree awarding Universities
  • ASU in Germany or
  • KU in the United States or
  • KU in the United States and ASU in Germany
Study duration8 semesters
Studying in the UStypically, 5 semesters
Studying in Germanytypically, 3 semesters
Study languageEnglish (in Germany and the US)
Tuition fees16,500$ per year
Placements in the USincluded (in the final semester)

There is no better way to learn

Affordable Tuition Fee: Our bachelor’s studies specialising in digital technology and consulting offer you a distinctive advantage by allowing you to study for a relatively affordable tuition fee of 16,500$ per annum, which includes partly international airfares and learning German as a second language. The tuition fees are significantly lower than the average fees in the United States.

Unparalleled Global Opportunities: Our studies stand out by offering you a unique opportunity to study in the United States at IBR Institute of International Business Relations, contextualisation partner of Kairos University (KU) and Germany at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University (ASU). Other study locations as part of the programme include summer and winter schools in Athens, Jerusalem, Oxford, and Prague. This exposure to various educational, religious, and cultural environments is unprecedented.

International Exposure: Taking a classical approach, our studies take pride in its international character, with exceptional faculty members hailing from the United States, Europe, and Africa. The international diversity exposes you to a global, highly professional, non-political environment designed to prepare them for leadership roles on a global scale.

Emphasizing the Human Element: Our studies prioritise individualised education by offering you monthly one-on-one faculty mentoring sessions and small classes, with 10 to 20 participants, depending on the subject. We provide comprehensive and compassionate study support in English throughout your entire academic journey. Both universities and IBR adopt a blended learning approach, combining the strengths of online, on-campus, and in-company learning environments.

Work Experience: Our studies provide you with the opportunity to acquire valuable work experience in both Germany and the United States. This practical experience can significantly benefit your career development and may result in a higher earning potential when compared to graduates from conventional universities.