On average Global PhD researchers

  • have 15 years of working experience after graduation of the first academic degree
  • come from different industries and countries
  • represent the SME sector, larger companies, and governmental institutions

The researcher’s requirements describe more in detail the personality of Global PhD participants in terms of expert knowhow, personal and language abilities.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for the Global PhD depend on your home country. To find out the tuition fees that apply to you please contact IBR or your local IBR Information & Business Consultation Centre.


For the full list of requirements, as they refer to mandatory prior academic degrees, experience, personal motivation for PhD studies and language abilities, see the application requirements.

Apply for the Global PhD

IBR facilitates the processing and review of your application to submit it entirely online, including transcripts, and your CV after having received first feedback on your application. For further details, please contact IBR in the office nearest to you.

Request information

You are welcome to contact our Service Centre for more information under