Made in Germany

The "MADE in GERMANY" label is synonymous with quality and exceptional craftsmanship, a reputation that extends to the educational experiences offered by IBR. This principle is evident in its innovative approach to university education at the bachelor's, master's, and PhD levels.

Unlike in traditional university settings, IBR empowers students to design their own educational journeys, choosing from multiple universities and countries to tailor their studies to their personal and professional goals. This flexibility and emphasis on practical skills applicable in real-world contexts, and internationally diverse learning experiences demonstrate IBR's commitment to revolutionising higher education for the 21st century.

Cannot be more global

Students at IBR greatly appreciate the institute's global university network, which enables them to study in multiple countries and benefit from the expertise of faculty from around the world. This exposure enriches their education and helps them become part of a diverse, global student body.

Simultaneously, students recognise and value IBR's unique competence in balancing its global reach with a local touch. From the admissions process through the entire educational journey, IBR staff provide personalised support, respecting and understanding each student's local culture. This approach ensures that students feel well taken care of while being gently introduced to a broad, global learning experience.

Tailor made

IBR clients highly value the institute's flexibility in allowing them to craft their own educational paths tailored to their individual needs. At the bachelor's level, this is reflected in the ability to choose from a portfolio of universities and countries, providing a truly customised international study experience. Additionally, IBR includes mandatory internships in their programmes, which are tailored to each learner's unique profile, thereby enhancing their employability and giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

At the master's and doctorate levels, IBR clients appreciate the rare opportunity to custom design their study programmes to align with their specific roles as managers and to meet the unique needs of their organisations. By allowing students to apply the knowledge gained during their studies, IBR enables them to transform their workplaces into real-life case studies. This hands-on approach not only enhances their learning experience but also empowers them to create a tangible and meaningful impact in their professional environments.

Optimal format for working professionals

All our master’s and doctorate programmes cater to the needs of working professionals who seek to balance their careers, further their education, and maintain their private lives. These programmes are designed for those who cannot afford to leave their workplace for extended periods, ensuring that they can continue working while advancing their education without disruption.

Our clients simultaneously work and study, benefiting their company from the outset. There's no need to allocate time for evening or weekend classes requiring on-campus attendance. Instead, at the master’s level, students participate in five weekly residential periods over two years, while at doctorate level, they engage in personal and group mentoring sessions via TEAMS. The flexibility to adjust these dates according to personal commitments ensures that career and job prospects remain unaffected while students advance their education.