The Global PhD

The Global PhD programme is a research-focused doctoral postgraduate programme that is categorised at the EQR 8 Level in the European Union and the UK, and at NQF Level 10 in Australia and South Africa. This programme's ultimate goal is to culminate in the development of innovative and value-creating products, processes, paradigms, hypotheses, theories, and solutions within the chosen research field. The research topics chosen typically involve new and complex phenomena.

The primary objective of the Global PhD programme is to apply the research findings for the betterment of businesses, non-governmental organizations, industries, societies, and even entire nations, with the overarching aim of promoting and establishing concepts of human flourishing within a specific pre-defined area of research.

From the very beginning, the Global PhD programme encourages the exchange of subject-related and multidisciplinary research knowledge, starting as early as the proposal stage for the doctoral researchers. Additionally, there are regular discussions and debate groups conducted at a group level, often through online conferencing, throughout the doctoral research period. These discussions aim to foster a culture of ongoing research and result in publications in the specified research field, contributing to the continuous development and international recognition of research efforts, and potentially leading researchers toward post-doctoral or further PhD research opportunities.

Pure facts

Tuition feeDependent on the region
US semester credit hours42
Participants per groupmax 10
Participants during the doctoral researchmax 1
DurationTypically, 36 months
Mandatory presenceEquivalence to 7 days
Languageeither English or German
Degree awarding universityKairos University

There is no better way to learn

There is no better to learning than the one embraced by the Global PhD programme, which places a strong emphasis on individual researchers and their unique interests. At Kairos University, faculty mentors adopt a traditional "doctor-father" approach, taking joy in mentoring experts from diverse backgrounds around the globe on their research journeys in various academic fields, all contributing to the advancement of human flourishing.

Global PhD researchers value the flexibility that comes with the programme, as it enables them to remain at home and continue working at their respective workplaces without the need to attend evening or weekend classes. They have the autonomy to set their own schedules in collaboration with their research mentors. This includes approximately 72 hours of academic discussions within group settings alongside peers and faculty mentors. Typically, these discussions occur through web-conferencing technology, allowing Global PhD researchers to join in from any location worldwide. The distinctive mentoring approach to the PhD research process reduces the overall time commitment for participants by at least 2-3 semesters compared to the traditional university route.