Vision and Mission

Our mission serves as a source of inspiration because it compels us to:

  • Offer education that is globally relevant and affordable.
  • Abandon the conventional ivory tower of education and instead, move to the heart of society, where we can provide ground-breaking solutions.
  • Ensure that degree programmes are accessible to those who are often overlooked, underprivileged, and disadvantaged, by promoting the global expansion of our collaborating university partners.

Focus: making the impossible happen

We are a team of experienced academics and entrepreneurs that reinvented the traditional university with regards to critical components such as management, teaching and research. A proven track record of being able to think out of the box and making the impossible happen unites us as a team that comes from the different corners of the world.

The clearest confirmation of our ability to achieve the extraordinary lies in the success stories of IBR's graduates, who have gone on to achieve remarkable feats all around the world. Moreover, the testimony of our university partners and their experiences collaborating with IBR to drive innovation and globalise their programmes serves as additional evidence of our commitment and impact.

Focus: the real world

We are profoundly touched by individuals who aspire to make the world a better place, yet wrestle with the question of the increasing cost of higher education, especially when their primary objectives of enhancing employability or advancing in their careers come under scrutiny. The disconnect between traditional academic education and the practical realities of the real world presents a significant challenge for graduates entering the job market or striving to make meaningful contributions within their own companies. This disconnect often leaves them feeling adrift and inadequately equipped to create meaning for themselves, their employers, or their organisations.

Focus: serving society

We also hear the frustration of employers worldwide who are confronted with a largely inefficient traditional higher education system. It appears unreasonable to them to invest substantial sums of money in qualifying university graduates before they ultimately become profitable and valuable assets to the organization.

In collaboration with our partners in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe, we are extending our reach to the next generation. Our deliberate intention is to ensure that our education is both affordable and accessible, and to make it relevant for everyone, including those who may be overlooked, underprivileged, or disadvantaged.

Focus: university education that truly matters

Our mission is to offer university education that is truly impactful. It is both relevant and affordable, enabling students to realise their potential to effect change in the world while still studying, under the guidance of faculty mentors. Employers recognise us as a preferred and professional solution provider, offering unprecedented returns on investments. The academic community acknowledges IBR as a selfless and collaborative partner that openly shares expertise, knowledge, and technology for the purpose of globalising higher education, making it more meaningful for students, employers, and communities alike.