Tailor made

IBR empowers students to craft their own educational path tailored to their individual requirements. In essence, they have the ability to custom design their study programmes to align with their roles as managers and/or engineers, as well as the specific needs of their organisations. They engage in learning while operating within their personal working environments, allowing them to reflect on their own performance as responsible decision-makers in a global context.

For IBR, it is of utmost importance that students, armed with the knowledge acquired through their educational journey, are equipped to fundamentally transform the business landscape around them. They achieve this by applying the most up-to-date innovations in management and engineering, utilising both skills and hands-on knowledge. As a result, their personal workplace becomes a real-life case study, allowing them to create a tangible and meaningful impact in their professional environments.

Change the Business World around You

As pioneers, IBR has revolutionised the conventional concept of "standard" study programmes that rely on case studies and information about companies that students may not personally know or have experienced. The distinct advantage of IBRs approach is that IBRs students possess a deep understanding of the context and a tangible sense of real-life situations. It's no surprise that its graduates frequently develop strategies, technologies, or initiatives that can be implemented while also considering the long-term interests of their organisations.

Let your career dream become reality

IBR's study programmes are meticulously crafted to align with students' career aspirations. With the support and guidance of IBR faculty, students find themselves in a position to experiment with new business opportunities, technologies, and entrepreneurial initiatives, which they might not have previously deemed attainable. This empowerment is further bolstered by their capacity to turn what they once regarded as a mere dream into a reality in their career journey.