Motivation for enrollment

IBRs bachelor students are enthusiastic about the opportunity to work and study simultaneously. Rather than paying for their education, they earn income. By the time they graduate, they have already secured job opportunities and showcased remarkable employability. They take pride in being part of the most significant disruption in higher education witnessed in centuries.

IBRs master's and doctorate students choose IBR due to the remarkable integration of executive management consultancy into their academic education, a feature that is unparalleled and beneficial for both employers and students. They understand the incredible advantage of having mentors who support them throughout their journey and appreciate the practicality of IBRs study programmes as pivotal competitive strengths.

IBR students find no better way to effectively balance their work, family, and studies than the intelligent design of distance education at IBR. This approach prioritises personal coaching and interaction with world-class faculty experts while providing the utmost flexibility in terms of personal schedules. It eliminates the need to allocate time for evening or weekend classes on campus, offering students a truly flexible and accommodating learning experience.