Application steps

IBR offers an easy and convenient way to apply for our bachelor’s studies. The following steps are designed to facilitate the application process:

Step 1: Consultation

Contact IBR for a consultation on our bachelor’s studies. We may arrange a one-on-one or group meeting with you or call you at any time of your convenience. The purpose of a consultation is to grasp the depth of IBRs learning experiences and to assist you in determining whether one of our bachelor’s studies could be of benefit to you in terms of your future career aspirations.

Step 2: Personal interview

A face-to-face interview will be arranged for you either in your home country, or via web conferencing with an IBR faculty mentor at any time of your convenience. The interview will be in English.

The purpose of the interview will be to explore the fit between your vision for personal development with the requirements of enrolment of our bachelor’s studies.

Step 3: Online application

Following a successful personal interview, you will receive a preliminary login and password to start the online application for bachelor studies of your choice. Upon receipt the university will verify all documents.

Step 4: Admissions decision

IBR will communicate the final admissions decision within a week after you completed the online application. This is the time when we will conclude a study contract with you.

Step 5: Equipping you to study        

Expect a warm welcome from IBRs faculty mentor. Relax and let your mentor guide you in starting this exciting journey. Your mentor will engage you in designing, planning, and managing your studies.

That’s it!