Bachelor studies (IE)

With our bachelor’s studies specialising in industrial engineering (IE) from Kairos University and Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, IBR offers one of the top study programmes in IE. IBR is pleased to acknowledge the outcomes of the most prestigious and largest German university ranking (CHE-Ranking 2023/24), where the BSc in IE from ASU secured the second position out of nearly 140 programme offerings in IE.

As a graduate with a bachelor’s degree specialising in IE, you will play a crucial role at the interfaces of business, technology, and information technology. With an international and interdisciplinary educational background laid through IBR at KU and ASU, you will possess knowledge in the fields of engineering, business management, and information technology. This versatility will make graduates like you key players in many industries.

Typical tasks of industrial engineers can be diverse and include, for example:

  • Process Optimisation: Industrial engineers analyse operational processes and identify opportunities for efficiency improvement and cost reduction.
  • Project Management: They can lead projects encompassing both technical and economic aspects.
  • Supply Chain Management: Planning and controlling supply chains are areas where industrial engineers are active.
  • Quality Management: Ensuring product and process quality is a significant aspect of their work.
  • Technology Transfer: Industrial engineers assist companies in implementing new technologies and integrating them into their business processes.

The high flexibility to specialise in your area of interest, combined with the comprehensive education provided in our bachelor’s studies, will prepare you for a career in various international sectors, including manufacturing, the service industry, logistics, consulting, information technology, and many others. The ability of IE graduates to address both technical and management challenges has contributed to the enduring success story of industrial engineers in different economic sectors.

If you want to specialise in IE, you should have an interest in both natural sciences and technology as well as business management and leadership.

Pure facts

Bachelor’s studies specialising inIndustrial engineering
Awarded degree(s)
  • BSc from ASU or
  • BA in Leadership from KU or
  • BA in Leadership from KU and a BSc from ASU
Degree awarding Universities
  • ASU in Germany or
  • KU in the United States or
  • KU in the United States and ASU in Germany
Study duration8 semesters
Studying in the UStypically, 5 semesters
Studying in Germanytypically, 3 semesters
Study languageEnglish (in Germany and the US)
Tuition fees16,500$ per year
Placements in the USincluded (in the final semester)

Options to specialise in IE

Digital production & business

  • Digital processes – industry 4.0
  • Technology and innovation management
  • Data Science / Big data applications
  • Management tasks in manufacturing companies

Green energy & mobility

  • Environmental, energy, mobility, and sustainability issues
  • Mobility requirements and the future of mobility with electric cars, e-bikes, etc.
  • Battery technology and new propulsion systems
  • Technology and management related to energy and environmental issues

Innovative materials & products

  • Innovative and sustainable product creation
  • New intelligent materials and technologies
  • Sustainable materials management (e.g., raw material selection, ecological footprint)
  • Digitisation of materials technology / Industry 4.0

There is no better way to learn

Affordable Tuition Fee: Our bachelor’s studies specialising in industrial engineering (IE) offer you a distinctive advantage by allowing you to study for a relatively affordable tuition fee of 16,500$ per annum, which includes partly international airfares and learning German as a second language. The tuition fees are significantly lower than the average fees in the United States.

Unparalleled Global Opportunities: Our studies stand out by offering you a unique opportunity to study in the United States at IBR Institute of International Business Relations, contextualisation partner of Kairos University (KU) and Germany at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University (ASU). Other study locations as part of the programme include summer and winter schools in Athens, Jerusalem, Oxford, and Prague. This exposure to various educational, religious, and cultural environments is unprecedented.

International Exposure: Taking a classical approach, our studies take pride in its international character, with exceptional faculty members hailing from the United States, Europe, and Africa. The international diversity exposes you to a global, highly professional, non-political environment designed to prepare them for leadership roles on a global scale.

Emphasizing the Human Element: Our studies prioritise individualised education by offering you monthly one-on-one faculty mentoring sessions and small classes, with 10 to 20 participants, depending on the subject. We provide comprehensive and compassionate study support in English throughout your entire academic journey. Both universities and IBR adopt a blended learning approach, combining the strengths of online, on-campus, and in-company learning environments.

Work Experience: Our studies provide you with the opportunity to acquire valuable work experience in both Germany and the United States. This practical experience can significantly benefit your career development and may result in a higher earning potential when compared to graduates from conventional universities.