Andreas Kelling

Professor, Dr., M.S., B.A.

Andreas, President of IBR Institute of International Business Relations, has been at the forefront of reinventing traditional postgraduate education and developing solutions to the most burning needs for governments and the business sector out of the box. The German industries awarded his approach to adult education with a German innovation prize.

He looks at 30 years of working, research, and teaching experience at Iowa State University (United States), The University of Bonn (Germany), The University of Vladimir (Russia), EHSAL Management School (Belgium), The University of Kassel (Germany), Steinbeis University Berlin (Germany), Trinity International University (United States), and Kairos University (United States).

Teaching responsibilities in IBR

  • International Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing management
  • Specialisation: strategic management
"Strategic management residential period, a practical approach to the real world business. Mind opening, priceless piece of knowledge. IBR approach to business is fantastic. Definitely there is no better way to learn. Prof Kelling did what he knows best."
Taurai Chitsiga, South Africa