André J. Watkins

South Africa
Professor, D.Com, Engineering (D.Phil) and Technology (Ph.D)

In South Africa, André is one of the highest qualified educators today, with a diverse spectrum of knowledge, making him a sought-after educator, in multi-disciplined research projects. This, furthermore, is underpinned by some 40 years hands-on information technology experience as an executive practitioner in the banking industry, both in South Africa and around the world.

His warm-hearted personality and the uniqueness of combining business and research experience have been appraised by many student generations. Master students return for their PhD, PhD graduates return for their second PhD with André.

Teaching responsibilities in IBR

  • Operations Management
  • Doctoral and Master research projects
"This has been a masterpiece, for the very first time in my life i have come to know what research work is all about.The professor may what is ordinarily difficult very easy and installed believe and courage to take research to another level.True to his word,Professor touched my life and i will never be the same again"
Benedict Jirah, Zimbabwe