Global MBA Testimonials

Value creation through work-integrated learning is phenomenal. It transfers the main learning experience from the ivory tower to our students' workplace. This creates unprecedented meaning. It releases skills training from being taught theoretically to the most valuable experience that happens on-the-job.

Also, work-integration shifts the traditional study focus from analysis to implementation. It is implementation that changes the world. This new dispensation allows students to experience that they are able to change their worlds at work.

Enjoy screening incredible feedback about real value creation that some students agreed to share publicly.

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Tommy Kuendambairi
Tommy Kuendambairi, National Fleet Officer at Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, Harare, Zimbabwe


IBR Global MBA has proven its uniqueness and stands out to be the best in terms of imparting knowledge relevant for individual's innovativeness during this 21st Century period whereby use of technology has become the order of the day.

The Operations Management residential period in Germany really gave me an insight on why their companies remain a top notch on the global arena. They thrive on continuous improvement through research on how to meet the customer's needs of which that's a major key in today's companies survival. No wonder majority of the family companies in Germany have managed to stand the test of time and become a reckon on the world market.  

Thanks again to IBR Global MBA for imparting life skilled education as compared to mere academic knowledge. I am proud to be associated with this life changing university.
Operations Intensive
Shepherd Nhondova
Shepherd Nhondova, Partner at PNA Chartered Accountants, Harare, Zimbabwe
Linkedin: Shepherd Nhondova


With IBR Global MBA's focus on customer identification, innovation, process management and its attention to future profitability potential  prediction analysis amongst other tools makes one a positive candidate to navigate through shocks like one imposed by Covid - 19. Thank God, this program at the right time for me.

Management principles taught not only empowers one with skills to navigate business shocks but enhance one's personal management skills.

IBR Global MBA's blended way of teaching and its  residential approach to study is one way to demonstrate uniqueness, resultant and verifiable ability to have predicted future shocks like one being experienced - Covid - 19.
Operations Intensive
Nyasha Nhengu (nee Songore)
Nyasha Nhengu (nee Songore), Head of Internal Control at Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe
Linkedin: Nyasha Nhengu (nee Songore)


The Operations Management Residential in Stuttgart, Germany made an impact to me both from a professional perspective and as an individual. There were a lot of take aways from that residential but two key issues remain vivid to me.

1. what appear to be complex tasks can be simplified by breaking them down into smaller but well coordinated activities (demonstrated by the visit to Daimler-Mercedes Benz).
2. the need for continuous improvement both in the work environment and at a personal level; to be resourceful and never be content with wh ere you are at any given point, always keep looking for ways to progress and innovate.

The overall IBR experience indeed resonates with the institute's motto - "There's no better way to learn!"
Operations Intensive
Vengai Madamombe
Vengai Madamombe, Support Systems Operations Manager at Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe
Linkedin: Vengai Madamombe


During the Operations Management residential held in Germany we had an opportunity to walk through some of the best innovative solutions as local start-up firms embrace high levels of automation, AI and machine learning in their operations achieving high levels of efficiency and performance. The digital technology now being used for market development and this is main reason for the success of many start-up companies in Germany.

IBR provides best practice example for a global learning experience with an innovative practical approach to Executive Management education.

The most exciting about the IBR Global MBA program is the integration of studies with work and personal life and this type of education framework has proved to be the panacea to adult education in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic which has changed education dramatically forever globally. In today’s world where disruption is the norm the IBR Global MBA has demonstrated its uniqueness and relevance and I personally cannot wait to enroll for the PhD program with IBR.
Operations Intensive
Tsitsi Gono
Tsitsi Gono, Partner at PNA Chartered Accountants, Harare, Zimbabwe
Linkedin: Tsitsi Gono


Each exchange at the German residential is guaranteed to shift your thought process, challenge what we consider as "norms", and bring in new perspectives which can be easily applied to any organisation. One can come to fully appreciate the how and why family run businesses have stood the test of time, and continue to be internationally acclaimed on value and quality products.

The site visits were intriguing, as we saw the learnt concepts at play. Visited companies actually look forward to our input to continuously improve their operational systems. More often than not you will also find transformation as an individual and gain invaluable life skills.
Operations Intensive
Sharon  Bwanya
Sharon Bwanya, Chief Operating Officer at Nurture Invest, Harare, Zimbabwe
Linkedin: Sharon  Bwanya


The operations residential was a game changer for me at both the professional and the personal level.

Prof Rubatos has a knack for understanding the students as persons first and how this impacts them as business leaders. The factory visit was a great way to see how leading businesses apply the concepts taught at IBR in practice with outstanding results. It was a validating experience and I could not wait to get back home and put into practice what I had learnt and witnessed.

There is truly no better way to learn.
Operations Intensive
Chido Boka
Chido Boka, Managing Director at Boka Floors Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe
Linkedin: Chido Boka


Our visit to Israel was truly phenomenal and eye opening.

From touring the streets of Jerusalem to having a view of the ‘Silicon Wadi’ in Tel Aviv. I learnt a lot about how a small desert nation has become a powerhouse in innovation and agriculture.

Also a lot of lessons about marketing which led me to make a lot of personal changes in my life. Biggest take away for me was there is no shame in failure. If we don’t fail we don’t learn!!!
Marketing Intensive
Ndomupeyi Chikonye
Ndomupeyi Chikonye, Projects Manager at Zesa Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, Harare, Zimbabwe
Linkedin: Ndomupeyi Chikonye


I had one of the greatest experience in my life during the Marketing Residential in Israel.

We started with a 2-day tour of the Holy Land which took us to various Biblical historical places of interest including the Baptisimal Site on the Jordan River, Caphernaum and Jerusalem. Prof Dorfman's wonderful articulation of the religious history gave me a new enlightenment on my understanding of the Bible.

The Marketing tutorials, presentations and field tours were so great I couldn't get enough of it! It was very empowering to work on my business proposal throughout the week, and Prof delivered it so well, everyone contributed to each other's proposal! I learnt that business ideas come from observing our everyday experiences and we commit to solve problems or improve life through innovation. I was impressed by successful start-ups by Israeli youths that were borne out of their assignments while serving in the army.

Well done, IBR for a great program!
Marketing Intensive
Kelvin Mukuku
Kelvin Mukuku, Metallurgical Manager at Eastplats, Brits, South African Republic
Linkedin: Kelvin Mukuku


I visited Israel for the Marketing Residential. Phenomenal country. Walking through Jerusalem was such a Spiritual experience, you feel like you are walking through the Bible.

The Residential was very empowering and insightful. Great country and the people are so happy and proud of their nation and heritage.
Marketing Intensive
Charles Stols
Charles Stols, Project and Engineering Manager at Moov Fuel, Cape Town, South African Republic
Linkedin: Charles Stols


I visited Israel as part of the Global MBA programme. It was a life changing experience.

The exposure that IBR provided to the students visiting Tel-Aviv was priceless. To see how small start-up companies being successful with the minimum infrastructure was eye opening. Then the marketing course was much more than marketing but a life lesson that you can implement in almost all aspects of your life.

I can recommend this Global MBA to every entrepreneur that seek practical methods and principles to make their business a success. Credit also to IBR for the lectures that are employed throughout the course.
Marketing Intensive
Paulus Mulunga
Paulus Mulunga, Managing Member at Light Systems Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia
Linkedin: Paulus Mulunga


An eye-opening experience from the Start Up Nation, one is instantly inspired by the level of innovation and creativity in solving every day human challenges. The State of Mind Institute in Tel-Aviv was a pleasant place to visit. The holy land experience in Jerusalem just added an extra dimension to my appreciation of Israel.

This residential reassured my believe that entrepreneurship can not only solve most of the problems that we experience here in Namibia, but on the continent.
Marketing Intensive
Chris Zembe
Chris Zembe, Leaf Production and Operations Manager at Alliance One Tobbaco Tanzania, Morogoro, Tanzania
Linkedin: Chris Zembe


The IBR Marketing Residential in Haifa - Israel was just a unique and life changing experience for me.

The build up, evolution, repetitive failures and successes of start-ups and entrepreneurs taught me how you can get to your vision despite many constraints or hurdles faced- including little or no choice to business partners/ neighbors.

This is a lesson for all life circumstances- the concepts are more than practical and will assist any business to gladly invest in entrepreneurs and its people for profitablity and sustainability- Tel Aviv start ups and Innovation Hub visit was an eye opener. Opportunity to structure and present our practical business plans and guided on how to implement them.

Well structured , value adding ,practical and flexible MBA program - supported by a good read Israel Start Up Nation.
Marketing Intensive
Miriam Zisengwe
Miriam Zisengwe, Head-SME Banking at MBCA Bank Limited, Harare, Zimbabwe
Linkedin: Miriam Zisengwe


Absolutely phenomenal.

The marketing and innovation residential in Haifa and Tel Aviv shaped my appreciation of start up business development. Attendance of DLD Entrepreneurship Conference in Tel Aviv was a major highlight for me and it provided an opportunity to network with global entrepreneurs, venture capital experts and angel investors.
I have been able to apply practical insights from the Residential in my professional and personal interests around entrepreneurship development.

Visits to Jerusalem, Capernaum and the Jordan River made it a spiritually enriching experience.
Marketing Intensive
Victoria Muranda
Victoria Muranda, Communications Manager at NAMFISA, Windhoek, Namibia
Linkedin: Victoria Muranda


One of the best experiences in my life was visiting the holy land of Israel through my Global MBA with IBR.

My marketing residential was relevant to see how a start up nation demonstrates and values innovation. The change of the dessert into a productive oasis as a united front with proven skills is phenomenal. Israel felt like the savest place in the world. Israel in indeed heaven on earth. The bible came alive for me in Israel. I also met new global friends I shared a class with.

Thank you IBR.
Marketing Intensive
Tawanda Nyandimu
Linkedin: Tawanda Nyandimu


My experience in Israel was mind blowing...something I will always treasure. How they were able to change a desert into an oasis, with a spirit of togetherness and tapping into their skills and innovation was absolutely amazing.

It was a great moment where we had to unlearn and learn a lot of things as Profesor Danny took his time to stretch our mindsets, taking us for tours around Israel business hubs meeting successful young entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. One could only marvel as we saw great potential back home that needed to be tapped into and exploited.

The Israel residential was more than I expected and many thanks to Prof Kelling and his team at the Global MBA IBR for arranging such a learning experience for us!
Marketing Intensive
Samantha  Kachikira
Samantha Kachikira, Process safety engineer at Ishecon cc, Johannesburg, South African Republic
Linkedin: Samantha  Kachikira


My visit to Israel will always stand as one of the most life changing experiences in my life.

For me the one thing that stood out the most was the Israeli people, they all have an identical state of mind, they speak the same language and they all want the best for their country and their people. The interactive meetings we had with the business community cleared the misconception I had of it being mostly a religious country.

From the leaders in business to the young soldiers on the street that we met,  everyone's DNA is wired to solve problems through mind boggling innovations regardless of the environment and circumstances they live in. Coming from a country with serious water quality and shortage issue, the WaterGen Technology blew my mind and as an engineer my intellect was challenged. This was one of the biggest take home lesson for me. The business environment will never be perfect but the wheel of innovation must keep rolling, so that the lives of people around us keep improving and not deteriorate.

Like someone said the "IBR MBA is not just a qualification IT IS a self actualization programme."

Every residential stretches your thinking and you always come out with a different and unique way of doing business. Professor Abramovich was more than amazing, critiquing our marketing strategies until we came up with the best of the best ideas. The experience was indeed enriching, and I'm truly grateful.
Marketing Intensive
Wayne Mahachi
Wayne Mahachi, Financial Controller at Save The Children international Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe


I visited Israel for the marketing residential. The experience was very amazing, and to date remains the one of those experiences i will treasure for ever.  

It was my first time to visit the holy land, and IBR organised a tour of the holy land for us for the first 2 days before the residential started. As a christian that was the most inspiring experiences - to see for real where it all happenned.

Then the residential itself was well planned, so motivating. We toured many organisations and met experts who helped us understand the source of Israel's greatness: the hardwork,the positive energy to believe that all life challenges are actually a motivation to innovate and come up with solutions. We were taken through various innovations  that were really mind boggling.

The residential was very personalised in that one had to come up with a marketing strategy for his/her own organisation, and being critiqued by Professor Ibrahimovich and classmates.

For me the tour is something i will do again if given the opportunity!
Marketing Intensive
Tokozana Dhliwayo
Tokozana Dhliwayo, Finance Director at ZETDC, Harare, Zimbabwe
Linkedin: Tokozana Dhliwayo


My Israel tour was life changing.

The exposure to Israel as a successful start up nation, technology hub and safe destination was something I will treasure for a very long time. The tour of the old city of Jerusalem is a must visit for every Christian. Thank you so much IBR for this combination of academic, business and religious tour.

The presentations by Professor Abramovich were so practical and relevant. I am no longer afraid to fail. Failure gives me the energy to start afresh, better and more determined the next time. I was able to appreciate the hard work, determination and unity of purpose of the Israelis.

The marketing residential gives you more than your expectations
Marketing Intensive
Nataliya Kot
Nataliya Kot, Project Manager at Loxoft, Kiev, Ukraine
Linkedin: Nataliya Kot


This assignment is my first step in financial analysis.

Before the start of the study course Financial Accounting I can say that I didn’t know anything from financial prospective. I didn’t know anything about Income Statement, Balance sheet, Cash flow statement and Ratio Analysis. Now I can read financial statements, can calculate financial ratios. And hope that I am able to perform the analysis and make conclusions. And after working on this assignment I really would like to say that I opened new interesting and very useful area in my professional activity.
Financial Accounting
Paulus Mulunga
Paulus Mulunga, Managing Member at Light Systems Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia
Linkedin: Paulus Mulunga


It is very important to train staff members of the organization. The employees come in with certain skills, but it is important for them to improve on these skills as the environment in which they operate is constantly changing.

This assignment helped me to understand the various strategies one can use to improve learning and development. In addition, I understood the importance of constructive communication in the form of “Supportive Communication”.

This assignment has added a lot of value in my understanding of training employees.
Learning and Employee Development