PhD programme

The IBR PhD research faculty is in the final stages to complete an offer for a doctoral programme. Students may join the programme from different countries. In order to study they will need to combine work and study.

Original applied research

The doctoral thesis at IBR refers to ‘original applied research’ undertaken, which is detailed, focus intensive and systematic. This type of research would facilitate the discovery of new learning and/or to verify existing knowledge for some specific purpose, namely the application of the results of the research to the up-liftment of a business, an industry or even a nation in the process to foster and establish the concept of entrepreneurship within a specific predetermined area of research.

More specifically, the primary raison d’être of doctoral research is to: ‘add to the existing body of knowledge’ be it scientific, social or academic, and to apply such knowledge to the betterment specifically of a business, an industry or a nation. As a result, the focus of the doctoral studies will be aimed to conduct applied research in collaboration and/or in partnership with entrepreneurial business enterprises or governmental organisations.


In his/her thesis, the candidate is required to show ability to conduct an original investigation, to test ideas (whether his/her own or those of others) and to demonstrate a broad knowledge understanding of his/her discipline and of appropriate cognate subjects. He/she should also demonstrate knowledge of the research techniques appropriate to his/her discipline and show that they have been successfully applied. The thesis should make a distinct contribution to knowledge and provide evidence of the candidate’s originality by the discovery of new facts or the exercise of critical power.

The candidate is required to show appropriate ability in the organisation and presentation of his/her material in the thesis, which should be satisfactory as regards clarity of expression and literary form, and most importantly have the added benefit to be dynamically applied. It should be in the English language, and should be suitable for publication, either as submitted or suitably abridged. Against this background, the focus of the doctoral thesis at IBR is centred on ‘original applied research’ undertaken in the ‘creation of new learning’ adding to the ‘existing body of knowledge’.

The doctoral thesis

The minimum length for a doctoral thesis is as a rule set by the individual tertiary institution. Typically a doctoral thesis is between 250 – 350+ A4 typed pages in length, 1½ spaced using Ariel 12 Font, excluding the abstract, appendices and the bibliography.

Furthermore, as a rule, it is a pre-requisite for a doctoral researcher to have to publish either a journal article in an authoritative peer reviewed journal, or present at a conference on the subject of his or her research. Such documentation, in particular the journal article requires a high degree of technical attention to its content, to satisfy the requirements of the publisher.