Cannot be more Global

Throughout their bachelor, master's, and PhD studies at IBR, students have the opportunity to engage and interact with their peers from various countries. Moreover, bachelor and master's students can take part in residential periods in different locations, including cities like Shanghai, New York, Melbourne, Jerusalem, or Berlin, to offer a few examples. This international exposure and immersion are valuable components of the learning experience at IBR.

IBR's global faculty members, who reside in 11 different countries, mentor, and guide IBR students as they progress in their studies. This guidance takes place through personal interactions during residential periods, as well as through web-conferences and online tutoring sessions.

Best Faculty Members from around the World

On average, IBR's global faculty members bring to the table 20 years of executive management experience and 25 years of pedagogical expertise. Many of them have resided in three or more countries, which means they can readily relate to students, regardless of their geographic location.

Studies at IBR will be based on teaching materials developed in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. IBR places great importance on providing students with an exposure to the global world as it is. Simultaneously, IBR carefully facilitates the localisation of global knowledge and skills by implementing learning inputs within IBRs students’ local business and engineering environment in a sensitive and effective manner.