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    What is missing in leadership development – our input to a discussion

    Can it be that the leadership educational industry has been blind for so long? What Claudio Feser, Nicolai Nielsen and

    Why do we promote in our Global MBA the German approach to company start-ups and innovation?

    Read the following article on innovation in the Silicon Valley: Amazing what happens with economies that promote big business and

    You can change the world and make it better

    "You can change the world and make it better! Stop burying your dreams in the cemetery of your mind! Be"

      China – an opportunity or threat for German Mittelstand companies

      China and Germany are two of the world's industrial powerhouses, though with some differences. While China's industry has grown largely

        How German businesses innovate without government aid?

        You want to be innovative? You need innovation in order to stay ahead of competition? You have no direct

          Is better leadership THE solution to deliver superior performance in Australian companies as the Deloitte study suggests?

          Australia has a great educational industry. Australian universities attract more international students from all over the world than most other

            Productivity of Australian businesses 23% less than US counterparts

            The Australian (29.08.2016) refers to a Deloitte report stating that  the productivity of Australian business is 23% less than the

              Is there a future for the Australian manufacturing sector? A German perspective

              During my recent trip to Australia I have been asked many times whether I see a future for the Australian

                How to compete with higher costs than competition?

                We had a discussion in the Australian Manufacturing Forum recently. The issue was whether the Australian government should enforce buying

                  A German export: work integrated learning

                  For centuries, work-integrated learning has been practiced in Germany. Since the industrial revolution 140 years back, the system has been

                    Secret to the success of German businesses

                    You want to find out why German manufacturers are still in business in spite of stiff global competition? It is